Amazon Stores – Customize Your Brand Experience

admin_fortress | Feb 25, 2021

Published in The Marketplace Playbook

Amazon Stores offer unique content capabilities that elevate your brand’s presence and support advertising efforts in a number of ways. From consistent branding to educating customers on new products and beyond, there are many ways to optimize an Amazon store’s content.

Where do you begin?

A great place to start planning your Storefront is learning about the content capabilities available to you within Amazon. Below are a few need-to-knows:

  • Widgets: Think of widgets as the brick and mortar that build your Amazon Store. They define the user experience. Widgets are where you can unleash your creativity and optimize UX with interactive content features.
  • Custom Content: Amazon lets you create and upload custom branded content, which you can update in real-time. You can tailor your Storefront to represent campaigns, product launches and even address things like customer reviews and general FAQs about your brand.
  • Navigation: The navigation is a visual guiding component of your Amazon Store. You can customize the navigation bar to consolidate and categorize your product catalog to your liking. Use the same taxonomy on your website, or deviate and test something new—it’s entirely up to you.
  • Landing Pages: Through your Storefront, you can create new and/or temporary landing pages. Use these pages to consolidate products, highlight seasonal deals, create buzz around new products, and so much more. Add and remove landing pages at your leisure.

You launched your Amazon Store! Now what?

Now is the maintenance and upkeep stage of owning your Amazon Storefront. Amazon allows you to update and change your custom content in real-time, so store management should be top priority for your brand to stay relevant and fully optimized.

  • Inventory: Out-of-stock SKUs will remain in the store and visible to customers until you manually remove them. Keeping your Amazon Store fully stocked with available SKUs is vital for successful conversions.
  • Buybox: Without the Buybox, you’re essentially directing shoppers to other unauthorized resellers and losing sales in the process. You can counter this by regularly auditing your Amazon Storefront and removing any SKUs that have Buybox issues.
  • Staying Relevant: Because you can update your Amazon Store in real-time, frequent content refreshes are a great way to stay relevant. Ensuring your store is up to date with the most current branding further legitimizes your brand on Amazon.

The bottom line is….

Amazon Stores are a huge opportunity to grow your audience and sales. They’re the only place on Amazon that is truly dedicated to your brand and void of competitors, thus allowing customers to experience your brand uninterrupted and holistically.

At Fortress Brand, we take a strategic approach to Amazon storefront architecture, examining every step of the shopper’s journey—through both mobile and desktop platforms—to ensure a fully optimized user experience. If you need help with your Amazon presence, please reach out to us at [email protected]