Amazon Stores – Why You Need One

admin_fortress | Feb 09, 2021

Published in The Marketplace Playbook

Your online presence has never been more important.

And contrary to popular belief, we challenge the notion that your company website is your most valuable channel of e-commerce. Instead, we argue that, in today’s day and age, a retailer’s Amazon Store actually offers far greater potential to expand your reach and grow sales.

In the first of our three part series, we are going to explore why Amazon Stores are essential for brands seeking significant growth. Our following parts will dive deeper into what it means to optimize your storefront and how to use it to drive new customer acquisition.

So what exactly is an Amazon Store and why do I need one?

Amazon Stores – also known as Amazon Storefronts – are a free self-service tool that allows verified brands to create and customize a dedicated page on Amazon.

Think of it like your own personal website within the Amazon marketplace, providing customers a one-stop shop to view all your products and branded content in one place.

Below are just a few ways Amazon Stores can functionally enhance the customer shopping experience:

  • Custom creative content to tell your brand’s story
  • Advertising capabilities that direct customers to products of interest
  • Custom landing page navigation to guide customers along their shopping journey
  • Rotate and showcase new and seasonal product offerings and deals
  • Promote limited time offers and curates product bundles

More and more shoppers are turning to Amazon to get their shopping fix, the reason being is that Amazon is convenient, trusted and offers speedy delivery. Why not make it even easier to capture more sales by providing them with a Storefront, where everything is in one place.

Below is an example of an Amazon Store we created for one of our brand partners. A user-friendly experience that delivers a mindful balance of shoppable product selection, authentic brand storytelling, and custom navigation that makes shopping seamless and enjoyable.

How do you get one?

To create an Amazon Storefront, you need to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry Program. To be eligible for the program you need one thing—a registered and active trademark for your brand.

Without brand registry, it is difficult to lock-up real estate inside the Amazon marketplace. Our hope is that this series will give you the push you need to invest in your very own Amazon Store and take the time and means necessary to do it the right way. Daunting as it may seem, you can take control of your Amazon presence! This is the first step.

Remember, because your Amazon Store is directly linked to your brands registry and trademark, that means your Amazon Store is one of your most legitimate and trusted sources for shoppers.

Stay tuned for the next blog on assembling a creative strategy for your Amazon Store.

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