Amazon Video Advertising: What To Say In 45 Seconds or Less

admin_fortress | Apr 17, 2020

Published in How To's

Video Sponsored Brands is the latest self-service solution from Amazon Advertising.

Formerly only available through DSP (Demand-Side Platform), Video Sponsored Brands is the newest ad type that provides brands the perfect way to communicate a slew of product information (or as much as you can fit in 45 seconds) to the digital window-shoppers of Amazon.

Photo: screenshot of a Video Sponsored Brand Ad in the middle of search on desktop, between Editorial Recommendations and organic results

Typically within search results, you have two options for promoting your product: (1) a regular Sponsored Brands ad, which could appear at the top or very very bottom of search, or (2) product packaging and the short title preview, organically or through Sponsored Products.

Videos lend an additional opportunity to get more exposure within Amazon’s search results and convey more product benefits than you could through other advertising types.

In the original launch of the ad type, video ads were only served at the bottom of search results on mobile devices. The Video Sponsored Brands ad type is still in beta, so Amazon is still playing around with video ad formats and placements. As of Monday, March 30th, video ads have been seen in the middle of search results and can be seen on mobile AND desktop.

The goal across all Amazon ad types is to get to the top of search results, as there is a 95%+ chance of a customer converting within the top row (organic and paid) search results. In the mid to long term, this helps your product to climb category rankings to generate more free, organic sales.

Yet, Fortress Brand has been able to drive incremental sales at a lower cost and reach more consumers through Video Sponsored Brands advertising spend compared to regular Sponsored Brands ads, even while appearing all the way at the bottom of search results. These numbers increase even more if the video ad was product specific, as opposed to a brand awareness video.

Here are some quick facts about video ads through Amazon Advertising:

  • Video ads can be from 6 seconds to 45 seconds in length
  • They promote a single product
  • The landing page is the detail page of the product you’re promoting (this differs greatly from regular Sponsored Brands, where you need a storefront or multi-product landing page)

Keep in mind: with only one video ad placement per search, you have to make it count with your content. However, big-budget video shoots need not apply.

Ingredient highlights, fun and satisfying textures, bold text callouts with product benefits, and captioning (shoppers have to click the video for audio, so try to convey information without having them click) are just a few keys to conversion through video.

For more information regarding best practices with creating video content for Amazon advertising, reach out to our account team at [email protected].