Are Your Amazon Products Climate Pledge Friendly?

admin_fortress | Oct 09, 2020

Published in The Marketplace Playbook

Climate Pledge Friendly

Amazon launched a new program that will help customers discover and shop for more sustainable products—addressing growing environmental concerns. The program supports Amazon’s Climate Pledge—their goal of reaching the Paris Agreement 10 years early, emitting net-zero carbon by 2040.

So what is the Climate Pledge Friendly program?

Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) is Amazon’s latest feature that enables customers to quickly and easily discover products that qualify as sustainable. Products that qualify are verified with a bright green CPF badge—visible on the search results page—and have additional sustainability information on the product details page. The green badge signifies that the product has one or more certifications on Amazon’s list of external certifications. CPF verified products can also be discovered on Amazon’s CPF store.

How do I qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly badge?

If your product(s) has one of the certifications on Amazon’s list, you qualify for the program—it’s that simple. Amazon currently offers 18 external certifications including one of their own, Compact By Design, an initiative that advocates sustainable packaging, but says that the list will continue to grow and evolve.

If your product(s) has one or more of the certifications pictured below, you can inquire about the CPF badge through your Seller or Vendor account.

If you’re not currently certified but would like to be, you can browse the list and see which certifications are applicable to your products. If you’re a beauty brand, Cradle to Cradle, Forest Stewardship Council, and Compact by Design are good places to start.

I’m certified, now what?

Once certified (congrats!), the green CPF badge will appear on the applicable product listings (see example below) and your products will be searchable on Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly page.

The CPF program is an exciting new feature that will leverage Amazon’s ambitious environmental initiatives while including brands and sellers on the cause.

If you believe any or all of your SKUs qualify for Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program, connect with our brand management team at [email protected] and let us make a case with Amazon for your brand.