How to Create the Perfect Amazon Product Listing

admin_fortress | Jun 28, 2022

Published in The Marketplace Playbook

For Amazon shoppers, your product listing acts as your storefront. If they see your title and product image in the search results, you want them to be compelled to click through and learn more. Once they are on your listing, you want them to be able to quickly find the relevant information needed. Let’s look at the key elements of a product page that will draw buyers in and entice them to make a purchase.


SEO keywords are essential if you want your product to be seen on a search results page. Amazon’s search endive evaluates the keywords in your listing in order to determine whether it is a relevant search result. So which keyword should you use? Your best bet is to take advantage of one of the many online resources to help you find the most searched keywords for your product. Once you’ve identified your keywords, look for opportunities to use them throughout your listing. Be careful, though. You need to make sure they are used only in the relevant areas of your listing. Amazon’s algorithm can detect the old practice of “keyword stuffing” and it will penalize you for it. Make sure the target keywords are used in your title and 2 to 3 times in your product description. Also, try to work in variations of your keywords. For example, if you are targeting “chrome 4-slice toaster” you should also include “four slice toaster in chrome”.

Compelling product descriptions

The most important aspect of your product description is accuracy. You don’t want to make false promises. It may lead to a sale initially, but your reputation will suffer in the end. When writing your product descriptions, think about what will motivate a shopper to make a purchase. Besides including basic information, make sure to highlight the benefits of your product. A simple list of features won’t tell a customer what your product does for them. You want them to be able to imagine how your product will improve their lives.

Optimize your bullets

With your images, the five bullets at the top of the page form the first impression your customer has of your product. They draw the eye and provide a place for you to speak about the benefits of your product. Here are a couple of tips you can use when it comes to writing bullets. First, make sure they are quick and easy to read. Make them short–no more than one or two lines and don’t include flowery language or jargon. Use all five bullets and write in simple fragments rather than full sentences with punctuation. Finally, like your product description, use targeted keywords and highlight the benefits, not just the features.

Create engaging visuals

Most people are visual learners. Use this to your advantage by creating strong, clear, compelling images that convey the key features of your product. Use high-resolution images and take advantage of all the images you’re allowed to use. Make sure they are well-lit and on a white background. Also, your images don’t have to be only images. You can utilize image spots to showcase infographics that tie benefits to the key features shown.

Final thoughts

In order to drive a sale, your product listing needs to be easy to understand, optimized for Amazon’s search engine, and tell the story of your product and how it will benefit the shopper. Take your time when creating your listing page and utilize the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to a perfect Amazon product listing.

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