Leadership team | FORTRESS BRAND

Mark Wieczorek


As the Chief Technology Officer at Fortress, Mark is always questioning: what’s next? What can we be doing better? What’s the next evolution? What will move the needle for our brands? Some days, that’s working on advertising tech, other days, it’s digging into the data to figure out how to better position our brands for success. To Mark, staying ahead of the competition is a never ending challenge and no two days are alike. 

Mark has always worked at the intersection of business, technology and advertising. Prior to joining Fortress, he built an Amazon business from opening the account to several million dollars a year. When that company sold, his next challenge led him to Fortress.

When you’re not working, you’re…

Not on vacation! LOL. Probably cycling along the beach listening to an audiobook on neuroscience or playing guitar in my living room. Or a boozy brunch, can’t forget the boozy brunch.

Go-to karaoke song:

Sweet Caroline. There’s zero chance the whole room won’t sing along (so I don’t have to).

Favorite food:

I’ll never say no to a good taco truck.

Next dream vacation:

Next — not sure. But one day I’ll drive from Alaska to Cape Horn.

Your pet:

Do plants count?