List It to Sell It

admin_fortress | Jun 13, 2019

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Selling your products on Amazon is a journey that takes nurturing and careful consideration, no easy task. With over 2 million brands and new sellers and products added daily, getting your product to be a big fish in a massive pond can be daunting, to say the least. So, you’re probably wondering what the secret is. Who is the Amazon consumer and how do we attract them? While there is no magic black hat with rabbits and sales increases hiding inside of it, there are some crucial tips and tricks that you can master to boost your presence on the giant that is Amazon. Shall we dive deep? Let’s talk statistics first, then insights.

Did you know:

  • Half of all web shoppers will go to Amazon to search for a product
  • 51% of consumers planned to do all of their holiday shopping on Amazon
  • 64% of households subscribe to Amazon Prime
  • 40% of all Amazon Prime members will spend over $1,000 a year on site
  • 72% of all Amazon users will spend between $100 and $500 annually on site
  • 26 million consumers are regular Prime Video watchers
  • Over 100 million users use Amazon Prime globally
  • Amazon Users spend more than a third of their black Friday dollars on site
  • Millennials tend to be the highest market as they are twice as likely to use Amazon as Baby Boomers*

Convinced to move on to Amazon yet? Below are some tools that you can use to enhance your presence on the platform and optimize your listings. You know, aside from contacting us at Fortress Brand to do it for you:

1.Titles: An optimized listing title should be a well-balanced ratio of keywords to accuracy to descriptiveness. Up until recently, Amazon titles were long and lovely, however, a recent rule limiting titles to 50 characters was implemented, making it difficult to fit in much more than the brand name. Don’t fret, this rule applies to the masses so you are not alone in your limiting endeavors. Do your best, and avoid spamming folks with sales jargon.

2.Images: Images should be high res and consistent, duh. But seriously, the higher quality the image, the more transparency between brand and consumer. We want this. Additionally, the images should reflect your title and bullets. If the title says a pack of two, make sure the images show a pack of 2. Product and packaging are important and they stand alone. An intro image of the product is expected by consumers and is necessary to strong listings. Additional lifestyle images after the first main product image provide context and color. There should be 5-6 images for every listing. The content of these images is entirely up to you and what you think is best for your brand and product. To put it simply, sell the thing!

3.Bullet points: Bullets should be descriptive and filled with extra information you can’t fit into the title. Are there care or use instructions? Make sure to include any other product detail features that a consumer might care about. This is your moment to call out any at all unique product features and benefits, so make it count!

4.Reviews: Does your product have at least 15 reviews? Are these reviews positive? Having excellent and proactive customer service is integral to increasing the quality and frequency of reviews to come. Post-purchase follow-up emails can also assist in prompting consumers to leave a review. You know the product is incredible, now get your customers to say it with you.

5.Questions & Answers: This section often contains commonly asked questions such as how-to-use instructions or specific product details that the consumer could not find on the page elsewhere. Sellers should address questions regularly to fill in information gaps. At the end of the day, this is customer service and your best bet is to see your sales through, invoke conversation, maintain those customers and acquire some new ones along the way.

Are you an expert on optimized listings yet? No? Here, these examples should do the trick. The difference between an optimized listing and a not-so-hot listing is hard to miss:

The Good

The Bad

The Fugly

This is a high-level look at the top 5 boxes you should be checking off before selling on Amazon. After these steps are completed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click strategy (PPC), ASIN targeting, and Sponsored Brands/Product plans will play a large part in how successful your listing is. Until then, have fun and optimize away.

Concerned about diving into Amazon listings head-first? Contact us at Fortress Brand and we’ll do the work for you. Because we love Amazon so you don’t have to.