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Let’s drive new customer acquisition and bring your brand to life through crafting a seamless omni-channel brand experience that is optimized towards global marketplaces.

Our Strategy

By fusing together a range of in-house marketing capabilities including brand integrity, paid digital advertising, SEO and content, we deliver a custom marketing plan to engage your customers that is fully aligned with your brand ethos.

Suite of Services

Brand Integrity

By staying aesthetically true to your DTC channel, the brand experience is consistent at every touchpoint of the customer journey. We use best practice techniques to optimize towards the channel and stay up to date on developments to ensure brand equilibrium. 

We work with brand-proud partners, all with standards that need upholding. After immersive discovery of your brand’s materials, standards and style guidelines, our team delivers custom content—advertising, enhanced brand content and storefronts—that fully align with your brand ethos.

Paid Digital Advertising (AMS and DSP)

We leverage proprietary technology and methodologies fused with human oversight to efficiently drive incremental sales growth through campaigns that are highly optimized for discoverability, brand defense and conversions.


Through deep keyword research and daily monitoring by our in-house teams, we continuously optimize your product listings to ensure that you stay at the top of search for your most relevant keywords. Our teams are deeply integrated and we use findings to inform and scale opportunities.


Our content team, trained in beauty, health, wellness and CPG on global marketplaces, brings your Amazon presence to life. Leveraging best practice techniques across all touchpoints from listings and A+ content to storefronts, we create a seamless experience that is always compliant and optimized towards conversion.  

Branding Services

Your brand deserves personalized attention to make it stand out from the crowd. So Fortress Brand fuses together a range of in-house marketing capabilities and branding services with expertise from our internal agencies like School House Studios and Taylor & Pond to develop a custom marketing plan that delivers on your core values and creates loyal customers.

  • In-House Content & Photo Studio
  • Creative Strategy & Branding Services
  • Content & Concept Creation
  • Architectural & Experimental Design

Influencer Marketing

As the world continues to transition to a digital-first culture, influencer marketing is an increasingly valuable tool for building social capital and trust among consumers. Taylor and Pond can help your brand facilitate partnerships with social influencers to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website and product listings.

Social Media Marketing

Put your product where the people are—on social. Taylor and Pond help you craft a social media marketing plan and create content that attracts likes, follows and click-throughs.

Website Development

Build a website your brand can be proud of with the support of our experienced marketing, design and strategy teams. Taylor and Pond also support the development of a custom website that delivers a 360-degree brand experience that engages and educates with thoughtfully designed assets.

Email Marketing

Reach more customers with engaging email communications that put your product just a click away. Taylor and Pond help you utilize best practices with targeting, segmentation, subject lines, call-to-action buttons, copy, imagery and more to help your brand stand out in their inbox.


Attract more business-to-business clients with the guidance of a proven partner with over a decade of experience in the field. Thanks to Bizmut’s data and technology expertise, you’ll be armed with exactly the tools you need to land your next big B2B customer.


Build and manage customer relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Through the strategic use of data and insights gathered by our proprietary technology, Taylor and Pond and Bizmut can guide your brand in creating and maintaining strong relationships with your loyal fan base.

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  • Amazon Retail Management

    Our end-to end Amazon retail management services help you accelerate your business growth with less worries and more wins. Fortress Brand pulls from our deep experience with marketplaces like Amazon and the beauty, health, wellness and CPG categories themselves to deliver more focus, strength and passion to your brand throughout every stage of your lifecycle. […]

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  • Brand Protection

    Resellers can be extremely damaging to revenue, pricing control and brand integrity. To help protect your business and maintain an effective enforcement strategy, you need a trusted and experienced partner on your side.

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  • Analytics & Tech

    Everything that we do sits under the umbrella of our proprietary technology – from our real time client dashboard and AI enabled advertising to our deep market research capabilities. Work with a partner who really has the data. Suite of Services

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  • Marketing

    Let’s drive new customer acquisition and bring your brand to life through crafting a seamless omni-channel brand experience that is optimized towards global marketplaces. Suite of Services

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  • Global Expansion

    Take your brand global with the guidance of a trusted partner in the international marketplaces space, with over a decade of experience. We offer a fully integrated solution to make sure your brand is reaching its potential from coast to coast and beyond. Suite of Services

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  • Operations

    We take care of the details so you can take care of your brand. We manage everything end to end so you can focus on the bigger picture—the success of your business. Suite of Services

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  • Strategy

    Build something beautiful with a best-in-class partner who has strategy down to a science. Suite of Services

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