Maximize Your Profits During Holiday Party Season

admin_fortress | Nov 14, 2022

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It’s holiday party season, and beauty is at the top of the list. Especially in a slowed economy, consumers look to small purchases that make them feel good. (See the Leonard-Lauder originated Lipstick Index for more details.) So, given that Holiday ‘22 looks quite promising for prestige beauty brands and others, how can they capitalize on the season? Thanks to our digital marketing partners at Taylor & Pond, here’s an analysis of current beauty trends, which will help show you how best to optimize consumer sentiment.

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Over the past two years, Covid flipped the beauty industry on its head. With people staying in and working from home, cosmetics purchases declined significantly. Now, with widespread vaccinations and loosened restrictions, beauty is back on the rise. Dominant trends heading into the 2022 holiday season:


Now the #1 concern for consumers, skin protection is expected to play a key role in driving beauty sales this holiday. Consumers are focused on improving skin health rather than masking the effects of aging. Shoppers are also looking to calm increased skin sensitivity caused by everything from pandemic stress and air pollution

Hybrid cosmetics

Aka, cosmeceuticals, aka, make-up with skincare benefits. A burgeoning product category already seeing serious traction.


The importance of sustainability is increasing by the second, with consumers demanding not only sustainable ingredients, but also packaging, responsible sourcing, ethical stewardship, robust recycling options, and dedicated efforts to impact climate change. The message: amp up your sustainability efforts and be transparent about what you can and can’t achieve as an
individual brand.

Make every customer count

The beauty industry is more competitive than ever, and with sales growing by 25% each year, consumers have more product choices than they’ll even see. In order for a beauty brand to succeed, it’s critical to optimize every consumer interaction. Our partners at Taylor & Pond detailed the most effective strategies for maximizing traffic and increasing conversion:

Keyword research

Take the time to research your keywords. When it comes to finding the best keywords for your products, there’s a lot to consider. What are your competitors ranking for? How often are they searched? How much do they cost? (For a more in-depth look at keyword optimization, stop by our blog.)

Social media engagement

Seems obvious, but for beauty brands, social media is a major traffic driver, so it’s critical that you stay highly engaged. Post compelling content that resonates with your followers. Interact frequently. Use relevant hashtags. Promote new content. All of these essential actions will increase your engagement and help drive traffic to your site.

Ad optimization

Whether you’re utilizing display ads, paid search or social media to advertise, there are always ups and downs to consider, e.g. an increase in ad-blocking software use could diminish return on display ads. Whichever avenue you choose, make sure to analyze your results in depth, (one key to a strong ROI.)

Influencer outreach

Partnering with social media influencers can reap incredible benefits for beauty brands, but there is again, plenty to consider before establishing a relationship with an influencer. Is their audience your audience? Do they share the same values as your brand? Are they active and engaged with their followers?

Conversion Strategies

Getting visitors to your site is just the beginning; inspiring them to buy is the rest. Once a shopper has reached your product, how do you convert them to sales? A few top strategies we’ve found effective:

Always use a CTA

CTAs work. For obvious reasons, emails with a CTA see a 371% increase in clickthru and 1617% increase in sales. Why are CTAs so effective? Because your customers are far more likely to follow directions than figure it out for themselves.

Short-form video

It’s true, high-quality images will drive conversion, but recent studies have shown video ads can increase purchase intent by 97%. You’ll still want those beautiful photos, but enhance your site with video for the best results.

Make it easier than ever

When you’re designing your site, ensure that the pages are easily scannable and instantly compelling. Use clear, informative headlines. Keep your paragraphs short and punchy. Invest in high-quality images that draw the customer in.

Leverage reviews

The best people to sell your product are your customers. Listen to them, share their opinions, and don’t be humble about the 5 stars.

All that said, it looks like Holiday ‘22 is going to give beauty and skincare brands plenty to celebrate.

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