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Fortress Brand is how consumer brands accelerate their growth in online marketplaces—at any stage of a brand’s lifecycle. With a dedicated team of in-house specialists, plus a robust analytics platform – we can help you build something beautiful.

Letter from Matt & Alex

Your brand is your life’s work, but it’s hard to build a brand online when you’re trying to navigate the complicated ecosystems of online marketplaces. You spend more time keeping up with the latest rules and regulations, predatory reseller pricing, and the ever-changing expectations of the consumer than actually growing your business.

That’s where we come in. By having a dedicated team of in-house specialists who handle everything from fulfillment and reseller control, to performance marketing and content, plus a custom platform for real-time analytics and market intelligence, we’re here to be your fully aligned partner from day one.

We curate quality brands we believe in, each with their own unique point of view and path to exceptional growth. Our process involves intimately knowing and translating all the intricacies of what you offer into an optimized digital presence.

With a decade in the business, we’ve partnered with some of the most acclaimed brands across beauty, health, wellness, and consumer product goods. It’s why breakthrough brands such as Glow Recipe, HUM Nutrition, and Youth to the People have formed exclusive partnerships with us — and how we’ve achieved our impressive client retention rate.

More focus, more strength, more passion — that’s what you get when you partner with us.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

– Matt & Alex Beer


Fortress Brand is led by a group of experts in the accelerator space who bring a breadth of experience and invaluable tools to our partners. With the guidance of our leadership team, Fortress guides brands to success throughout every stage of their lifecycle.


It was 2012. Two brothers began selling wellness supplies on the Amazon marketplace. But more and more people started selling the same products – or what appeared to be the same products – for lower and lower prices, damaging the brands’ price and reputation. The Beer brothers needed a way to protect the brands they were selling online, and Fortress Brand was born.

Fortress quickly grew to expand its product portfolio to over 30 brands and 1,000+ SKUS by 2014. After shifting to engaging with clients under exclusive retailers partnership models and the opening of several warehouses, in 2018 Fortress launched a data & technology division and its proprietary software, Catapult.

What started with a solution for reseller control soon led to other capabilities such as advertising, creative, and SEO. The brothers were continually bringing their industry-specific expertise to new customer touch points. As the company grew, it added a photography studio to elevate brand imagery and an award-winning creative agency to handle everything from industrial design to visual merchandising.

Today, Fortress Brand works with the brightest names in beauty, health and wellness. From its SoHo NYC headquarters, the company has formed over 70 exclusive partnerships with brands like Glow Recipe, Youth to the People and HUM Nutrition. Whether it’s expanding capabilities with acquisitions like School House, Finc3 and Taylor & Pond or launching an in-house photography studio, Fortress Brand continues to lead the industry as it helps brands build something beautiful.

Fortress Brand



As early adopters of the Amazon marketplace, brothers Alex and Matt Beer develop a deep knowledge of the platform uncovering market trends and realizing tremendous growth opportunities for bringing nutritional supplements to the DTC market. Eager to help brands accelerate on the Amazon marketplace, Fortress Brand is born.


Fast forward to a couple years later, Fortress is partners with 30+ brands focusing on health, beauty, and wellness.

2017 – 2018

Fortress establishes warehouses in Nevada and Pennsylvania to offer Prime-certified cold-shipping capabilities for supplement brands.


Realizing a need for robust data and analytics that will benefit their client partners, the Data and Technology division is created and Fortress’s original proprietary software, Catapult, is brought to life and developed in-house by the company’s in-house data scientists.


After years of accelerating brands on Amazon, Fortress is officially registered as an Amazon Ads partner.


Moving on up! The New York headquarters expands as more departments develop and the team continues to grow.


The time to go global arrives. The International division is created and tasked with exploring opportunities for brands in additional global Amazon markets.


Fortress secures a partnership with Trivest, a founder-focused private equity firm with 40 years of experience creating strategic partnerships and fostering growth. Predicting long-term success and potential for Fortress to expand its menu of Amazon solutions, co-founder Matt Beer describes the partnership as “a new chapter of growth for our company.”


Fortress’s custom client dashboard, unique to the agency and developed in-house to provide clear and concise performance metrics to client partners, is finally launched.


More warehouse partnerships are formed in the United Kingdom and New Jersey


In an effort to expand its suite of services, provide value-added solutions to its brand partners and make moves to become a global omnichannel accelerator, Fortress Brand joins forces with leading beauty creative agency, School House — its first strategic acquisition. The partnership marks a monumental first step toward expansion in Fortress history.

2020 – 2022

Fortress wins a spot on Inc.’s 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies list — three consecutive years in a row!


Fortress crosses the Atlantic and goes global with the acquisition of Finc3, a top-tier EU digital marketing agency based in Hamburg, Germany. With market expansion and evolution of services at the forefront of Fortress’s vision, this brings the agency one step closer to becoming a globally dominant force in the online marketplace space.


School House Studios is launched, providing an in-house photography and content creation studio for brands with a deep knowledge of beauty and wellness branding.


San Diego-based digital marketing agency Taylor & Pond joins the Fortress family of companies, expanding Fortress’s capabilities into digital demand generation, including social media, influencer and paid search marketing, web development and creative content support.


A decade in business and a totally new look & vision – Fortress officially rerands as the leading global omni-channel accelerator supporting the best consumer brands at any stage in their lifecycle.


Global Locations


As we continue to grow on every front, we are looking for talented people to join our team. If you value innovation and collaboration, Fortress Brand is a place where you can grow a career while helping grow some of the newest, most exciting beauty, health, wellness and consumer brands in the world. We’re building something beautiful here. And we’d love for you to be a part of it.