Our Work

Creating Product Development Strategy Through Data Tech & Market Intelligence for CPG Brand

The Overview

Fortress Brand was approached by a brand to look for potential areas for product development. To do this, Fortress looked into where their competitors were winning and what the unmet needs of their own customers were.

The Insight

Years of Amazon experience and access to massive amounts of data about consumer behavior allows Fortress Brand to advise its brand partners on product development. An in-depth analysis of the landscape of products (supply) and customer needs (demand), combined with sentiment analysis allowed Fortress to advise its client on winning benefits, ingredients, forms, and messaging.

The Transformation

The foundational research conducted aided in the product development and marketing roadmaps.

The Results

Fortress’s data intelligence guided the development of one of its brand’s top 5 SKUs and within two weeks, this SKU was the #6 top-selling SKU within the brand’s entire Amazon portfolio.