Our Work

Taking Back the Buy Box: Brand Protection & Reseller Control for Beauty Brand

The Overview

A new client within the beauty industry approached Fortress Brand to tackle their reseller issues on Amazon and take back control of their brand.

The Insight

An Amazon reseller is an individual or company that buys products from a brand and sells it on Amazon. Without proper management, it can lead to price undercutting, damaged customer experiences and poor brand representation.

The Analysis

Through private investigation services and our proprietary technology developed in-house by our data scientists, Fortress Brand identified over 60+ resellers. Each SKU had an average of 5 resellers transacting below MSRP pricing.

The Transformation

Fortress Brand then created new reseller agreements and led legal action against the largest reseller.

The Results

Through swift action, Fortress Brand was able to move buy box ownership from 25% to over 90% within 5 months, regaining pricing control and brand ownership and driving revenue growth.