Our Work

Using Data-Driven Content to Drive Sales and Conversions for Supplement Brand

The Overview

Fortress Brand uncovered a product with untapped potential within this client’s portfolio. By utilizing insights from our Data Analytics team, the SKU’s sales increased by 50%.

The Insight

The Performance Marketing team identified a product that was outperforming its benchmarks and raised it as an opportunity for improvement.

The Analysis

The Data Analytics team created an Opportunity Matrix with 34 product dimensions important to the Amazon consumer, including: 

Efficacy & Potency 

“…the small particle size is much better absorbed with my fat soluble vitamin issues ever since gallbladder removal…”

Vision Support 

“Within 24 hours, I could sense my dry eyes feeling much better. And today my vision seems to be improving somewhat.” 

Ease of Use & Kid Friendly 

”We love this stuff! easy for my daughter to take!” 

Skin Support 

“It will do wonders for your skin. I apply lightly, wait until it’s fully absorbed and the skin feels dry, then apply a layer of Vitamin E oil every night and my skin looks fantastic!” 

Immune Support 

“… helped boost my immune system while fighting a virus for three months.” 

The Transformation

The Content Team developed 6 distinct messages that resonated with the Amazon customer: ease of use, immune support, vision support, skin support, efficacy/potency of product, and price point.

The Results

In the weeks following the content update, we saw a 39% increase in conversion rate and a 50% increase in unit sales. This product is now a top 10 SKU in this client’s portfolio.