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Womaness: How Educational Content Turned Browsers Into Buyers for Menopause and Women’s Wellness Brand

The Overview

Co-founder Sally Mueller had a grasp on handling wholesale partnerships when she launched Womaness’s 13 products spanning skincare, body care, wellness, sexual health and incontinence on its e-commerce website and in select Target stores across the country in 2021. While less familiar with Amazon, the brand knew it would play a crucial role in growth strategy since a big portion of the menopause specialist’s target audience was already relying on the marketplace to conduct research on menopause products. In the fall of last year, Womaness tapped Amazon accelerator Fortress Brand to build its presence on Amazon.

The Insight

Menopause is still a largely misunderstood transition. According to Mueller, many women know nearly nothing about it until they are in the throes of it. Therefore, delivering valuable information about menopause is key to the brand’s success both online and in real life. Educational content is essential for capturing new-to-brand customers on Amazon.

The Transformation

The brand launched on the marketplace with six of its products. Currently, it offers more than a dozen products in addition to bundle sets. A focus of the partnership has been harnessing the menopause product white space with education on Amazon by using short, digestible content — such as videos and graphics that explain the products and their efficacy — refreshing content and updating SEO terms frequently to improve organic rankings, and leveraging paid ads and off-Amazon marketing.

The Results

While Amazon was new to the brand, today, Amazon accounts for approximately 15% of Womaness’s sales. By applying the above tactics and consistently refreshing content to attract new-to-brand consumers, sales through the Amazon channel specifically are expected to swell to nearly a quarter of the brand’s business.