Protect your brand

Building a secure, spotless foundation for exceptional growth
Don’t let the online marketplace dilute your brand authority, sales, reputation, and potential. Take back control with Fortress Brand.

You won't have to think twice about:

  • Channel Monitoring
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Legal Enforcement
  • MAP compliance

The online marketplace makes it easy for outside forces to take advantage of your hard work. This can lead to lost sales, subpar customer interactions, and a digital presence that feels off-brand and out of your control.

Isn't it time to make what seems so good for everyone else, great for you?

Fortress takes back control with unmatched industry intelligence and a multifaceted protection process. Assertive channel monitoring, technological innovations, and a specialized legal team provide fast-acting enforcement. Our full-time auditors ensure a spotless presence that protects your brand's sterling reputation.

You won't have to think twice about MAP compliance, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, fee structures, or shipping and fulfillment. A licensed medical staff and a content department experienced in FDA compliance optimizes your listings without endangering your brand.

With complete protection, your brand is ready to harness the full powers of digital retail.

Optimize your potential

Leading Customers Through The Maze & To the Purchase Line
Eliminate the distractions and blockades standing between you and your customers. Boost sales & visibility with our multifaceted approach.

Maximize your margins through advanced:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Product Rankings & Visibility
  • In-House Software Development
  • PPC Advertising

Right now, thousands of potential customers are looking for you.

Maybe they're distracted. Maybe they don't find your product soon enough. Maybe another competitor is flashing low prices for the 'same' product.

Make these kinds of missed connections a thing of the past.

At Fortress, a fully optimized listing means daily care and tomorrow's best data crunching methods. Our in-house software team uses advanced, proprietary tools and unparalleled industry experience to remove all blockades between you and your audience.

Our exceptional, proven record of SEO and PPC advertising improves your margins and gets the product rankings you deserve. Because we love what we do, we're always first in line for the newest E-Commerce rollouts that will have your competitors asking, ‘How do they do that?’

The new breed of competition requires a new breed of optimization.

Don't settle for less.

Grow your sales

Exceptional Growth, Customized to Your Unique Voice
You only get one chance to spark a conversation, convert new customers, and inspire long term loyalty. Stop losing customers with underwhelming first impressions.

Fortress creates a more dynamic digital presence with:

  • Highly Customized Storefronts
  • More Product Reviews
  • Attentive Customer Correspondence
  • Engaging Design and Information

Fortress Brand's unparalleled content challenges long-held ideas about the visual and interactive restrictions of the online marketplace.

Yes, you can be high end. You can be luxury, specialized, and stand out.

Health and Beauty is our professional specialty and personal passion. We take the time to listen to your voice, intimately know your products, and really 'get' your vision. Memorable brand-specific storefronts, aspirational visuals, and easily digestible text spark engaging customer conversations that lead to long-term loyalty.

What does your customized solution look like?

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