The Holiday Survival Guide for Amazon Sellers

admin_fortress | Dec 05, 2022

Published in How To's

Selling on Amazon during the holidays can be daunting at best; competition is intense and competitive pricing is even more so. You’ve planned, prepped, and optimized, now it’s time to let your strategy and aesthetic unfold—and monitor momentum. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and wind up in the weeds, especially if you’re trying to control a ship that’s already sailed. Stay on top of your listings, ahead of what’s trending, and breathe. Here you’ll find a few additional strategies we find useful for getting through 2022.

Communicate frequently.

One exceptional benefit to selling on Amazon, especially during the holiday time period, is the sheer amount of traffic. For sellers, that means extra brand exposure and awareness without extra effort or cost. Make sure you have a sense of just how many consumers may see your brand; this is the time to get it right and to communicate your differentiators and benefits in a way that makes them buy-now irresistible. Wondering why brand clarity and communication is so critically important?

  • Memorable and relatable messaging that clearly tells the world who you are, in a way that’s confident, fast, and compelling, is hard to forget.
  • Brand clarity builds trust and loyalty; it shows consistency, credibility, reliability, and care. In addition, it allows you to share your POV and brand positioning in a way that’s relevant to customers, further drawing them in and driving loyalty. When a customer connects emotionally with your brand, when they feel heard and understood, loyalty often follows.
  • The power of differentiation: when you show your customer what makes you better and different, in a way that’s authentic and transparent, they’ll respond. Branding both through visuals and language enables you to set a tone that makes sense to your customers and sets you apart from the rest.

Know every part of the landscape.

As we know, consumer sentiment and behavior are constantly shifting, driven by everything from post-pandemic lifestyle changes to rising inflation and fear of recession. Knowing what consumers are keeping at the top of mind—and acting on it—helps create an immediate connection; you’re meeting your customers where they are, not where you want them to be, and they’ll notice. Even during the heavy traffic of the holidays, there are plenty of creative ways to distinguish your brand. So, do your research and make sure you’re leveraging the most accurate, up-to-date, and sophisticated resources to stay on top of your metrics. Data is your friend.

Continue to optimize your supply chain.

We’re tired of saying it, too, but it’s the truth. Pandemic-fueled supply-chain disruptions continue, which means it’s as important as ever to keep building strong relationships with your suppliers, all through the holidays. In fact, inventory management is probably the most important topic in this mini survival guide. Maintain a clean, lean inventory position and prepare to have your known bestsellers in stock. This year,, many are predicting that consumers with out-of-stock fatigue will choose availability over brand.

Be radically transparent.

Transparency, directness, and honesty go a very long way when it comes to customer communications. Make sure you’re updating your purchasers on everything related to their order, from delivery expectations to updates on when it’s being prepared, packed, and shipped.

Final thoughts

It can be tempting to try to be all things to all people during the holidays. Businesses that understand the overall consumer landscape and the mindset of their target customers— and which continue to communicate their brand value—will be well positioned to gain traction and drive profit during the holidays, as well as gather valuable hindsight as they head into the new year.

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