The Skin You’re In: 5 Suncare Tips

admin_fortress | May 03, 2022

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We gathered our brands’ dermatology experts to create a go-to source for skincare that addresses every type of skin, especially now that summer is about to be ON. We asked five of our brand partner founders for a selection of the products they swear by for protecting a variety of skin types from summer’s powerful elements. Here’s what we learned:

Prioritize hydration inside and out – moisturizing your skin but also drinking enough water year-round is key!

A summer staple, aka, the anti-sunscreen for sunscreen haters. Created with Prism Powder, a proprietary, micronized powder that increases luminosity, plus kiwi fruit water and ku shen root extract to support a smooth complexion. Volition’s Shield is never greasy, fragrance-free and it’s light, aka, daily protection you’ll actually want to wear. We especially love this product because it provides both broad spectrum protection and a subtle glow.( It’s also free of sulfates, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances.)

Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield

Volition Mineral Prismatic Luminizing Shield

Protect your skin daily so your skin maintains a healthy, strong barrier.

Made from three key ingredients: Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, a gentle-to-skin mineral sunscreen that provides UVA/UVB, Turmeric, superfood that helps soothe and protect damaged the skin and Kinbiome, a plant-based probiotic that supports clear skin and a strong skin barrier. Kinship uses only clean, cruelty-free, plant-based formulas. And, one of our favorite aspects of the brand is how much information they share about how their product will feel. This one smells like vanilla + turmeric, feels lightweight, non-greasy and easy to wear, makes skin feel moisturized and protected, and makes it look dewy with a smooth finish. We’re officially hooked.

Kinship Probiotic Self-Reflect SPF 32

Kinship Self Reflect SPF

Sunscreen and moisturizer are your skin’s dream team.

LA-based Versed formulates its products to the highest standards in the world, nixing 1,350+ ingredients that have questionable data, at least when it comes to the health of our skin, body, and planet.

We love Versed because every ingredient has a purpose, and unless that purpose is proven safe and effective, they skip it. One of our favorite bestsellers-for-a-reason: Versed’ Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen—lightweight with a soft, silky texture and natural finish, this moisturizing superhero protects from the surface to prevent UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your skin—the ideal broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen to use every day.

Versed Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen

Versed Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35

A primer with broad-spectrum SPF that’s easy to apply and feels good to wear…is everything.

The Beekman 1802 approach to skincare is committed to sensitive skin, with clinically tested, scientifically proven, clean formulations that work with your skin, not against it. We love this sunscreen because it’s fragrance-free, water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, (thank you, natural pine gum and wood resin) and provides transparent, broad-spectrum protection. And, if you need any more reasons to love Beekman’s Hello Sunshine, it’s reef safe and oxybenzone-free, with natural Zinc Oxide that helps protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Not to mention, aloe vera and goat milk soothe and soften all day long.

Beekman 1802 Milk Makeup Primer

Beekman 1802 - Milk Makeup Primer SPF 35 2-In-1 Daily Sunscreen

For women especially, keeping cool and fresh down there is extremely important.

During the summer, it’s important to stay fresh. Using Womaness’s pH-balanced, biodegradable, all-over body wipes helps refresh, hydrate, and soothe any part of your body, anytime you need it. These handy wipes are dermatologist and allergy-tested, with a high-level blend of naturally beneficial ingredients like rosewater, cranberry fruit, and aloe leaf extracts. Keep them on hand in your gym bag, at your desk, or in your car.

Womaness Here There Everywhere Feminine Wipes

Girl putting Womaness feminine wipes into her black bag