Turning Browsers Into Buyers: 10 Ways to Set Your Brand up for Success on Amazon

admin_fortress | May 03, 2022

Published in The Marketplace Playbook

The e-commerce journey lasts a few minutes, but it’s a complicated series of emotional ups and downs. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the customer’s mindset during the entire online purchase experience, from first impression to checkout, to get unique insight on how to convert them faster, earlier, and more efficiently.

For Amazon sellers, success, of course, depends on a keen understanding of your business metrics and analytics, in addition to a deep knowledge of your audience, and what resonates with them. Here, we’ve listed 10 strategies to help you turn those digital window shoppers into real-life buyers.

Photography Matters

Upgrading your product photos is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion. For most shoppers, your imagery is their first impression of your brand, so make it a good one. If your product listing contains few or low-quality photographs, it can turn shoppers off and create the perception that your brand is of a lower caliber than it may actually be. When upgrading your product images, be sure to include key features and show a variety of angles to make it easy for the customer to know exactly what they’re buying.

Benefits Above All

Develop product descriptions that emphasize and amplify the benefits in a clear, understandable style. What problem does this product solve? Leverage your metrics to identify exactly what these buyers are looking for and what they need or want. Then, clearly tell the story about those features, and how your product will improve your customers’ lives.

Optimize for SEO

While writing your product description, be sure to optimize your copy for Amazon SEO. 70% of shoppers don’t look past the first page of Amazon search results. There are a few quick moves you can make to help ensure your listing gets seen. Start by researching relevant SEO keywords and include them in your product’s title, features and description.

Evaluate your pricing

It may seem obvious, but competitive pricing is perhaps the most important item on this list. A price war is something a smaller company is unlikely to win, but it’s important that your prices are in line with the competition. Consider just how many consumers shop by price, evaluate your competition and make sure your pricing strategy keeps your product prices attractive and reasonable for your audience.

Get Prime-eligible

With over 100 million Amazon Prime members–all of whom are looking to use their Prime benefits, including free shipping–making your products Prime eligible is a powerful way to increase conversion. And, given that most Prime members will search via the Prime filter, they may never even see your listing if it’s not eligible.

Utilize PPC ads

PPC (pay-per-click) ads are another powerful conversion driver. You can create ads for your brand or products, which will appear at the top of a search results page. The advantage of PPC ads is that you only pay for clicks, (versus impressions) so they can also help keep your ad spend low.

Conduct a competitive audit

Many Amazon sellers focus solely on their own product listings and neglect to survey the competitive landscape. Undertaking a competitive analysis can provide tremendous insights into how to better optimize your own listing. For example, you may find important keywords you can compete on or discover a common complaint that you might address in your product description.

Reviews are everything

89% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase, seeking unbiased opinions on quality, price and value. In addition, Amazon uses reviews as a ranking factor in their search results. To get the most out of your customer reviews, be sure to answer questions, respond to negative reviews quickly and ensure that your customers are consistently pleased with the entire experience.

Stay in touch

As we mentioned above, the customer journey is a rollercoaster. To help your customers convert and create a smooth ride for them along the way, stay in contact throughout the process. If your customer makes a request, be there to answer it promptly. After the purchase, follow-up with an email to ensure they are satisfied with their experience. Include a special offer or discount code to encourage a second purchase. If they buy again, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Develop a linking strategy

Cross-selling and bundling are common methods used to increase conversion but you can also take advantage of Amazon’s “frequently bought together” feature, which groups related products together to show a total price. Plus, it makes it easy for shoppers to add all products to their cart at once and convert.

This, of course, is only the start of what you, as an Amazon seller, can do to boost your conversion rates. Remember, building your brand on Amazon is a marathon, not a sprint. Start with what you can control and evaluate your results. Over time, as you see positive results, you can optimize further.

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