Virtual Bundling on Amazon: Is It Right For You?

admin_fortress | Jan 12, 2022

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Bundling on Amazon is one of the most cost-efficient ways for a seller to sell their products on the online marketplace. Not familiar with what bundling is? Then you’re in the right place. Here we discuss virtual bundling on Amazon, the benefits of creating product bundles, basic guidelines for Amazon bundling and simple steps on how to start.

Benefits of Virtual Bundling on Amazon

Consumers typically like to shop with convenience in mind. If your customers are currently buying your products on Amazon, chances are that bundling could work wonders for moving your inventory and increasing your online sales. Do you have top-selling items and items that don’t move as quickly? Bundling is a great way to present a perceived value to your consumers by pairing your lesser popular items with your most popular ones. You are also free to set a discount for your bundled items, which is a huge incentive to online shoppers looking for a deal. Not only will they get multiple items for a bundled price, but your inventory will make moves and not just take up space on your shelves.

Bundling on Amazon can also be great for introducing new products and getting consumers to try them. By selling smaller-sized trial or travel-sized products in a bundle, customers are more likely to purchase and try it, especially from a pricepoint perspective. This works especially well with beauty and skincare products because customers are typically more hesitant to purchase a full-sized product if they have not used it before. By offering smaller-sized versions, you’re offering a better customer experience because you’re selling with the consumers’ needs and concerns in mind.

Virtual bundling is not only appealing to the consumer — it also makes sense from a logistical and financial standpoint for you as a business owner. When you virtually bundle products on Amazon, you are saving on warehouse costs because you don’t need to physically bundle them, which is both a time and money saver. FBA fulfillment fees also remain the same for every product included in a virtual bundle since they are handled individually. By not having to actually bundle your products, you’re saving money and resources.

Amazon Bundling Guidelines

With everything on Amazon, there are always guidelines to follow as a seller in order to be able to take advantage of the unique features they offer. Below are some of the guidelines sellers need to adhere to when bundling on Amazon.


In order to take advantage of product bundling, the seller must be the owner of the brand. If you are not currently the owner of the brand, you can visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page in order to start the process. Other eligibility criteria include ASIN requirements, or requirements for your individual product. The product you are looking to bundle must belong to the brand of which you are the owner of, have active FBA inventory, and be in “new” condition. A bundle should consist of two to five products and each of these must have the option to be bought separately on their own. Additionally, only physical items are allowed to be bundled. Digital items like gift cards, music, video, and e-books are not allowed to be bundled on Amazon.


When you virtually bundle products on Amazon, the total amount has to be equal to or less than the total sum of all of the products that are included in that specific bundle. This is where sellers should take advantage of discounting as consumers on Amazon are always on the hunt for bargains, giving your bundle the potential to perform better and sell. Keep in mind that if you price your bundle higher than the actual sum total of the products, your bundle will lose Buy Box eligibility.

For more details about virtual product bundle guidelines, visit Amazon Seller Central.

How to Start Bundling on Amazon

Do you think virtual product bundling is right for you, but you don’t know where to begin? Below are some simple setup steps.

  1. Visit Amazon Seller Central to create your first bundle here.
  2. From your brand’s registered products, choose two to five products (ASINs) that you want to select for your first bundle.
  3. You can upload up to nine images for your bundle listing. An original image showing all of the products included in the bundle is recommended to use for the main image.
  4. Create your bundle listing’s title and description. Keep in mind that a title should contain a maximum of 200 characters.
  5. Set the price for your bundle. Remember: your price should be equal to or less than the sum total of all of the products included in the bundle.
  6. Enter the bullet points for your bundle listing. Include as many optimized keywords as you can in your copy. Consider using a keyword tool for this.
  7. The title, images, description, price, and bullet points are all editable once you create the bundle listing. However, you are not allowed to change the components of the bundle, meaning you cannot swap out or remove products. If you wish to change the products in your virtual bundle, you will need to create an entirely new bundle listing.

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